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Traction is the next generation of real estate coaching, combing systems, technology, and proven coaching designed to create permanent, positive lasting effects on your business!

Everything about Traction is designed to make your life easier, help you control your time, while scaling your business to the levels of success you deserve!


Your technology either limits your business, or expands it based on the features of your system AND your ability to use those features.

With Traction you will have amazing features at your fingertips, that you will feel confident using, so that you are no longer limited in what you can do!


Systems create predictable, duplicatable, and sustainable results for you.

Traction Systems were built by Coach Peter Pessetto, and have been refined to do everything you need them to. You will be amazed at how much you can do!


Coach Peter Pessetto, former KW BOLD Coach, and CEO of Active Choices Coaching, designed your systems for you, & has worked with thousands of agents. His coaching clients have earned over $100 Million in Commissions in the last decade.

4 Steps to Traction

Stage 1

Stage 1: Get Familiar With Your New Systems and begin Integration

Stage 2

Stage 2: Customize Your New Systems to Your Business

Stage 3

Stage 3: Implement Your New Systems as Leads Begin To Pour In

Stage 4

Stage 4: Implement Coaching Designed to Scale Your Business Rapidly Using Your New Systems

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The technology and systems in Follow Up Speed are empowering me to reach new goals. My goal this year is to hit $15 Million, at least 3X what they I did last year, and I feel more organized than ever!

Kimberly jenkins, realtor, exp

Follow Up Speed is the system that solves problems you didn't know you had! It makes follow up a breeze - nothing you have to think about. Creating & implementing systems has never been so easy!

Ann-Marie Adams, Worley Real Estate Network

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